Ottavia Rispoli

I started to approach the painting as a child, watching my mother while painting in her studio. Over the years the painting has become a real passion, and initially the desire to improve in technique and style led me to make copies of 800's and 900's painters like Utrillo, Modigliani, Balla. Eventually I started to find my own style, initially inspired by the paintings of the 20's and then to the earth tones and to the themes of life and family.

A necessary soul searching led by a more mature phase of my life has brought myself to my actual production . In my paintings the subject is always human, with emotions and thoughts. The complex evolution of his life and personality leads him to an endless search for answers common to all the deep feelings.

While in my early paintings the subject conveyed his thoughts basically through the use of his gesture or body posture, now the communication happens through allegorical representations of emotions. My characters are dreamers that reveal their passions and weaknesses through imaginary games of lights and shadows.